Individual therapy

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is a modality of intervention and treatment in which a professional meets individually those who require psychological support, in a space of listening and support, and they collaborate for a common goal.

It fosters an experience of oneself that places the uniqueness and complexity of one’s history at the center of attention.

It is a path that can also be undertaken by people who do not suffer from a particular discomfort, but who have the desire to become more aware of some aspects of themselves.

individual therapy

Not all psychological counseling becomes psychotherapy. The long-term goal (the so-called therapeutic contract) is established at about the fourth meeting, in which future goals and how to reach them is planned (frequency of sessions, payment methods, timetables etc.)

It is realized through the use of the tools that the therapist deems most appropriate based on his specific training. You can learn more about my tools and my training on this page .

What are the goals of the therapy?

  • Identify the central problems and the causes of the malaise;
  • Achieving awareness in a time of crisis or suffering;
  • Knowing oneself and one’s own relational, emotional and behavioral styles;
  • Achieve a better realization of oneself, of one’s abilities and acceptance of one’s limitations;
  • Reduce psychopathological suffering;
  • Promote the emergence of transformative and personal growth potentials that are expressed both in the mental well-being of individuals and in their social life;
  • Reinforce the most adaptive and functional patterns and instead mitigate or replace those that generate discomfort and difficulty;
  • Promote strategies to restore balance, increase well-being and improve the quality of life, as well as prevent possible future situations of discomfort.