Psychologists also go to the psychologist

In addition to the compulsory course included in the specialization school, of which you can find more information here , “it would be unthinkable for a runner to go to the marathon without specific training and athletic preparation”. So my psychotherapist told me at the beginning of my therapy path, almost three years ago.

What it is necessary to specify, however, is that the psychologist does not talk about his own professional practice in therapy , since the space to do so is that of supervision .

In supervision, in fact, one can talk about one’s patients without obviously sharing sensitive data (you can find the code of ethics here ), and about what is called countertransference : the feelings, emotions, thoughts that arise in the therapist as a reaction to the transference. of the patient.

This concept was initially counted, in the classical theorization of psychoanalysis, among the distortions to be avoided in therapy.

With the refinement of theory and technique, it has been concluded that not only is countertransference inevitable, as is transference, since therapists are human beings like patients, but also useful for the analysis of the relationship.

What happens in a psychotherapy session may be a repetition of what the patient does in relationships in his own life. This is why it is important to work together on it, because as you know, what takes care of it is the relationship .

So here is revealed not only the meaning of my slogan , but also one of the critical points of the classical theory.

I will soon talk to you about other critical and outdated points of Sigmund Freud’s classical theory of psychoanalysis in another article.

psychologists also go to the psychologist

Finally, to end the argument of the therapist as a patient, it is not excluded that in various stages of life, he does not have the need to restart psychotherapy .

In my case, before starting my psychotherapy during graduate school, I had already consulted a psychologist during the period corresponding to the writing of my master’s thesis (in 2016, now 6 years ago!), A period that can be very intense and decisive for some people. (By the way, if you are curious, you can consult my thesis HERE ).