Parenting seminar

Educating with feminine and masculine qualities

From September to December 2021 I held a seminar on parenting on various dates with the theme “Educating with female and male qualities” and a psychology course for adults on the theme “Empathy and narcissism”, within the training program of the “Di Family “of Turin.

This project is part of my collaboration with various third sector entities in the Turin area.

As regards the topics of the seminar on parenting, I considered it important to listen to the vicissitudes of parents, both in groups and in family conversations; from this it emerged that if there is a condition that often characterizes the parental reality it is that of concern over the education of children .

In particular, we focused on the qualities of gender, male and female, what meaning they have for each individual, couple or family, and how these can affect intergenerational education .

A theme that often emerged in this training was that of rules , the imposition of “no”, respect for limits, as well as the opposition and provocation typical of adolescents and pre-adolescents, which I will talk about in the future in a dedicated article.

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Parenting seminar