Narcissism and empathy – Psychology course

From September to December 2021 I held a series of seminars for parenting on the theme ” Educating with female and male qualities ” and a psychology course for adults on the theme “Empathy and narcissism”, within the educational program of the Family Association of Turin.

This project is part of my collaboration with various third sector entities in the Turin area.

As for the narcissism course, I started from the current popularity of the term in common parlance. You may have heard that “narcissism is the evil of our century”.

This is in fact compared to the feeling of growth of individualism in today’s Western society and experienced as the opposite or the lack of empathy.

narcissism and empathy

Points covered in the course on empathy and narcissism

In the course we were able to define both terms, contextualize them and therefore differentiate pathological narcissism from healthy and adaptive narcissism.

It was also possible to “take a step back” and redeem concepts such as identity, the ego and the relationship with the other, in the social, family, work and intimate spheres.

I find it fundamentally important to use psychology not only as a cure, prevention or assessment but also as a mental health promotion and training.

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