Substances / behavioral / relational addictions or others

The addictions we don't recognize

Addictions are a condition of subordination, of inability to do without a substance (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.), of a behavior (internet use, sex, work, compulsive shopping, etc.), or relational (for example emotional dependence).

I am particularly attentive in my clinic to the latter, since there is a cultural tendency to associate some dysfunctional and painful behaviors within a relationship with characteristics of a so-called “romantic” bond.

In this sense, it is very important for me to accompany the individual or the couple on a path of awareness. differentiation and empowerment.

This is one of the constantly updated areas on statistical and diagnostic manuals, in fact in recent years new types of addictions have been identified such as that of pathological gambling, tobacco, cannabis and caffeine abstinence.

Clinical Psychologist Elisabetta Cocco

All areas of intervention covered

Through my dynamic-clinical approach I treat clinical and subclinical conditions, from the most conscious to those less integrated in my experience, with variable frequency of sessions according to the patient's needs.