Sleep or eating disorders

Physiological rhythms are of vital importance to the human being, for this reason their alterations can be the cause and / or consequence of a strong psychic discomfort.

Sleep disorders

Some of the most common sleep disorders fall into the following categories:

  • Insomnia: Disorders of the initiation and maintenance of sleep;
  • Hypersomnia: Excessive sleep disorders;
  • Disturbances in the sleep-wake rhythm;
  • Parasomnia: Disorders associated with sleep, stages of sleep or partial awakening.

Eating disorders

As for nutrition, the main disorders encountered are bulimia, anorexia or other types of binge eating.

In my approach I find it essential to collaborate, in cases like this, with other health professionals such as nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, physiotherapists, etc.

Sleep and eating disorders

All areas of intervention covered

Through my dynamic-clinical approach I treat clinical and subclinical conditions, from the most conscious to those less integrated in my experience, with variable frequency of sessions according to the patient's needs.