Psychosomatic disorders

Messages from our body

When we do not have access to our psychic experiences and our emotions, our body (“soma”) speaks to us.

Some of the most well-known psychosomatic conditions can interfere with the functioning of the digestive system (Gastritis, Ulcer, colitis, etc.), respiratory (asthma, dyspnea, etc.), skin (Acne, psoriasis, erythema, etc.), cardiovascular (tachycardia, arrhythmia, hypertension etc.) and others.

Thanks to the psychological accompaniment it is possible to get to know one’s body more deeply and overcome the polarized conception of the body and mind to make room for an integration of the two concepts.

psychosomatic disorders

All areas of intervention covered

Through my dynamic-clinical approach I treat clinical and subclinical conditions, from the most conscious to those less integrated in my experience, with variable frequency of sessions according to the patient's needs.