Recognize the symptoms of depression and deal with it successfully

In the psychotherapeutic path it is possible to distinguish between normal states of melancholy, sadness and / or dejection and the real depressive disorders, different from the former in terms of modality, frequency and duration.

In my practice I pay particular attention to this category of moods, as I find that it is often misrepresented and not valued enough.

If underestimated, depression can lead to disastrous consequences for the life of the individual, which is why those who turn to a psychologist can find a context in which to be welcomed with their pain, recognize it, care for it and let it go.


The most common symptoms of depressive states are:

  • Persistent and accentuated low and sad mood;
  • Frustration;
  • Decreased interest and pleasure in carrying out any type of activity;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Absence of sexual desire;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Insomnia.

All areas of intervention covered

Through my dynamic-clinical approach I treat clinical and subclinical conditions, from the most conscious to those less integrated in my experience, with variable frequency of sessions according to the patient's needs.