Dynamic Psychotherapy Training

Dr. Elisabetta Cocco

Specializing in Dynamic Psychotherapy in the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology.

I graduated from University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Dynamic-Clinical Psychology in 2016.

I have done research activity in collaboration with the European / International Doctorate for Social Representations, the Center for Research and Social Intervention of the ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon and the Doctorate in Community Psychology of the Institute of Studies on Applied Psychology of Lisbon.

My training in psychology has been international since university, in fact I was able to study abroad and in different areas such as applied psychology, social and community psychology.

EuroPsy European Certificate in Psychology - Dynamic Psychotherapy

Linguistic knowledge

ITALIAN Native language


ENGLISH Advanced

SPANISH Intermediate

Training in Dynamic Psychotherapy and more


I started the specialization training in Dynamic Psychotherapy of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology (Lisbon).


INTERCULTURAL CENTER OF THE METROPOLITAN CITY OF TURIN - Certificate of participation and internship for teaching Italian for foreign adults.


I obtained the qualification to practice as a psychologist at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".


My training in child, adolescent and family psychology with a dynamic-clinical orientation with systemic notions at "La Sapienza" in Rome has allowed me to learn theories and techniques to be able to intervene in the entire life cycle of an individual and a family.


I spent my first Erasmus period in Braga, Portugal, in the Faculty of Applied Psychology and in the Faculty of Education and Training of the University of Minho.

July 2008 - Jenuary 2009:

I carried out an international exchange in Costa Rica, thus being able to deepen the study of the Spanish language in the field, to be able to integrate the one in my high school, the Liceo Classico Europeo "Umberto I", in which I studied the aforementioned language in addition to English, to Latin and ancient Greek. This allowed me to develop an ease in learning new languages as it later happened with Portuguese at the University.

Areas of intervention treated

Through my dynamic-clinical approach I treat clinical and subclinical conditions, from the most conscious to those less integrated in my experience, with variable frequency of sessions according to the patient's needs.