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Therapy with a Clinical Psychologist

In everyday life we are constantly subject to challenging situations to which our mind must adapt in a functional way.

Through the focus on affects and emotions, on interpersonal relationships, on behavior patterns and on the management of disturbing thoughts and feelings - psychotherapy offers the opportunity to constructively rework our difficulties.

Psychological accompaniment for children, adolescents and adults

In Italian, Portuguese or English

The goal of the Clinical Psychologist is to offer the patient a safe space and time, in which on can achieve a greater knowledge.

It is through the relationship with the therapist that the resources and abilities of each one can emerge – precious tools, necessary for achieving optimal personal and relational growth.

ELISABETTA COCCO Clinical Psychologist in Turin

Who is doctor Elisabetta Cocco

Graduated from the University of Rome " La Sapienza '' in Dynamic-Clinical Psychology in 2016.

Specializing in Dynamic Psychotherapy in the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology.

I have been a member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists and I am currently a member of the Piedmont Order of Psychologists.


Since 2018 I am a member of order of psychologists of Piedmont .

I am in possession of the EuroPsy certificate for the exercise of the profession in the states of the European Union.

I am associated with the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychologist at Turin

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